soto roofing services

California Lic Number C39-980753


Soto Roofing Services is a full service roofing

company that is involved in Recover,Commercial,

Industrial,and Residential Roofing applications

across Southern California. We install a

variety of roofing systems such as: Single Ply,

Restoration Systems, Tile, Composition Shingle,

and Wood Shake. We are supported by numerous Material Supply Companies with location covering all of Southern California.  

We also provide roof maintenance as a specialty. SRS's goal is to ensure performance of your existing roof system by offering a maintenance program, which ultimately reduces the costs incurred for roof repair and/or replacement. All low slope roofing systems are susceptible to severe weathering, expansion, contraction and even abuse.  Roofs frequently don't last their design life, but with proactive inspections and scheduled maintenance, SRS can help ensure that you'll beat the odds with a roofing system that last beyond it's normal life cycle. Even though a manufacturer's warranty may have been purchased with your new roof, most roofing material manufacturers require regular maintenance to keep their warranties valid. This means the building owner continues to be responsible for the proper roof care and maintenance to insure its top performance.